Solar Panel Skirting

This is a great product that prevents Solar Panel Skirtingpigeons from nesting under your solar panels.

When pigeons do nest under your panels then the panels can suffer from poor performance. These birds make a mess on top of the panels and with the nesting underneath them the panels will over heat. The end result is you are paying more for your electricity bill than before. By installing this product you are ensuring the best performance from you solar panels.


Solar Panel SkirtingSolar Panel Skirting

We can help. We come to you and provide a free quote. This give you a chance to meet and we to look at your roof and access what needs to be done.

We first clean your panels and remove all the nesting from under the panels. Clean your gutters and down pipes as they may be full of pigeon muck as well.

Then we install the solar skirting to prevent pigeons from getting back under your panels. The skirting just clips onto the panel. No screwing or drilling required.


The solar skirting is made from galvanised and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh. Using Australian made UV stable nylon fasteners.

This product is made for Aussie conditions. Solar Panel SkirtingSolar Panel Skirting

Best of all you can hardly see them.

So call us or visit us for the free quote and save.

Solar Panel Skirting