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Our Oz Pest Adelaide team makes sure we stay at the edge of advances in the industry to ensure you get nothing but the most effective solutions such as our non-toxic termite inspection & control in Adelaide. Our advanced system will keep your home protected 24/7. 

To chemical or not to chemical that’s todays big question.


Not so long ago all you could do was to chemically treat termites. But today the is a newer option and one that we love using here for our customers & we believe here at  Oz Pest that this is much superior to old wood systems and don’t have any toxic chemicals around your house.  

This is not just a bait station. This is a Termite Colony Eliminator. The product goes in the ground just like a normal bait station but here is where Trelona is next level protection. Trelona works differently as it will both Attract termites and Eliminates the colony before they get into your home. Please take a look at this video to get a better idea on how this great product will protect your home.

So for the past 3 years we have been installing a totally non toxic termite system called Trelona around customers houses that protects their home 24/7. Each station contains a rod that attracts termites, feeds them and destroys both the termites and their nest. Trelona starts working from the very second that the stations are installed around your home.

Compared to other stations that use timbers only, these other stations only show that there are termites in the area but they cannot control them. This only happens once the termite manager sees the activity and mixes up the bait. With visits being 3 months apart thats a long time for termites to be eating other things like your home.

We believe that Trelona is the most responsible way to manage termites and look after our environment.

Finding Termites

Termites cause millions of dollars of damage each and every year in Australia which is not not be covered by your household insurance.


We use the latest equipment


  • Sonar Equipment – detects termite movement

  • Moisture Meters – detects elevated moisture in wood which may indicate the presence of termites

  • Borescope – an invasive technique that can take pictures of active termites in timber

  • Termatrac T3i – detects moisture, thermal variations, and movement

  • Thermal Imaging – detects thermal variations and available in some areas


A termite inspection is recommended at least annually by the Australian Standard AS3660 even if you have a termite protection system in place.

Our comprehensive report gives you essential information on:


  • Current Termite Activity

  • Evidence of Previous Termite Damage

  • The Conditions around your Property that are Conducive to Termite Attack

  • Evidence of a Current Termite Protection System

  • Advice on how to minimise the Likelihood of Termite Attack

  • How often You should have a Termite Inspection

  • Various options for a termite Protection Program

  • And much more


Benefits of Termite Protection in Adelaide


Termite damage to Australian homes and structures add up to millions of dollars annually. Even worse is it is the kind of damage that your insurance more than likely won’t cover. We bring you a reliable solution to prevent such damages.

  • Our termite treatment in Adelaide offers protection 24/7 and kills not only termites but also destroys their nests.
  • It is an effective solution that will lure the insects in and immediately starts working to eradicate your termite concern from the moment the termites step into our trap.
  • It is a solution which doesn’t require huge dosages of chemicals and is our preferred solution to protect your home and be environmentally-friendly at the same time.

What You Can Expect from Oz Pest Adelaide Regarding Termite Inspection in Adelaide

According to the guidelines of the Australian Standard AS3660, you should book a professional termite inspection & control of your home at least once a year. When you rely on us for the service, we will provide you with a complete report on the current condition of your home.

  • Our advanced equipment means that we can detect termite movement through sonar tracking. We also use moisture readers to find moisture in wooden structures as it is often a sign of the presence of termites.
  • Furthermore, we ensure the accuracy of all our inspections thanks to thermal imaging. This process will give a clear indication of whether there is any living activity inside the wood. When we do identify such areas, we can use our borescope to drill into the wood and take pictures of the termite activity inside, giving you eyes inside the structures.
  • Every inspection includes a report that will define the current termite activity in your home’s structures. The report will highlight any existing damage caused by these termites and will specify the conditions of your property and the presence of termites. We will also advise how you can limit the likelihood of further termite invasions and show you the options we have available as part of our protection programme to keep your home safe.
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Fast Facts About Termites inspection & control in Adelaide

There are three types of termite inspection & control damp wood, subterranean and dry wood.
Subterranean termites hold the highest risk for wooded structures
Even if your home has steel frames, it is still at risk of termites as it can damage your trusses, furniture and more.
Not all termites eat wood.
Termites travel through the ground and can find your wooden structures even when their nest are far away.
Termites can squeeze through even the smallest cracks.

Are you concerned about termites in your home? Call us and let our team do an inspection of your property.