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Cleaning Products Can Kill The COVID-19 Virus. Here’s What to Use in Your House

COVID-19 has only been around for a few months, so at this point scientists don’t know that much about it. But more is being learned every day.

We now know, for example, it can live on surfaces for up to nine daysand survives in the air for a few hours. We also now know that the virus particles are shed through saliva and fluids coughed up from the lungs. And that the virus can also be shed from our faeces. 

It’s easy for an infected person to spread the virus particles through coughing, touching other people or leaving the virus on surfaces. 

Undoubtedly, hand-washing after being in public spaces is key to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But what should we be doing in our homes to eliminate it? 

Two recent studies have investigated how long coronaviruses survive on different surfaces. The research looked at a number of different viruses including SARS-CoV-2 – the coronavirus that has caused COVID-19. And it found that the survival times varied according to the type of surface.

The virus survived for longest on stainless steel and plastic – for up to nine days. The shortest survival times of one day was for paper and cardboard.


Soap and water


Soap and water are your first line of defence to remove the virus from surfaces. Soap interferes with the fats in the virus shell and lift the virus from surfaces and this is then rinsed off by water.

Of course, you also need to wash your hands when you come in from the shops and wash your food as normal.


Surface wipes


The active ingredient in surface wipes is an antiseptic – usually benzalkonium chloride. The wipes work by physically removing germs through the pressure you apply when you use them, and the germs then attach to the wipe.

They also leave a layer of the antiseptic on the surface that works to kill germs. The antiseptic works well on bacteria as well as on coronaviruses that infect mice and dogs – but it seems to make no difference to the spread of human coronavirus. 

Antiseptics work by disrupting the fats in pathogen cells, but SARS-CoV-2 does not contain many fats. So far, there is no evidence that antiseptics can kill human coronaviruses.


Hand sanitisers


A word of warning though about hand sanitisers. The main ingredient in hand sanitisers that will kill SARS-CoV-2 is ethanol, the alcohol in surgical spirit. But its concentration in the sanitiser is very important – it has to be over 70 percent or it will not kill the virus effectively.

One thing you can also do is make sure you air out the spaces you are spending time in regularly. An infected person will produce thousands of tiny droplets which contain the virus every time they cough.


Commercial grade cleaners


These products will kill 99.99% of all bacteria and will bond to most surfaces. These products are currently being used in our hospitals and the great news is that they can also be used safely in your home by a professional technician who has been trained to apply this.

These products are designed to destroy the protein and RNA that the virus is made up of. After a short time your home or workplace will be free of all bacteria & virus.



Treatments Kill 99.99% Of Bacteria

Let us create a safe, virus & germ-free home for you.

Home / Work Place Treatments

We offer a home or work place sterilisation treatment. We will come to you and treat your place with a commercial grade disinfectant that will kill 99.99% of bacteria, bonds to most services.

This service is great if you want piece of mind and feels great to know that you home or work place has no germs or bacteria. This treatment is a great way to make sure that all areas inside your home or work place are treated. The treatment is a volume mist and is a very fine space mist that can get into the smallest of areas, even cracks and hidden places, and this allows for a total treatment of your property.

This is a family and pet safe treatment. It will not harm foods in your house. You will need to vacate your home or work place for a short time to allow this product to dry and to start working.

You can book online or call us. We are offering a discount of $100 off while our stocks last. 


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