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When our team at Oz Pest Adelaide takes control of ant pest control, you can say goodbye to these pesky little ants for good. They come from seemingly nowhere, and their nests might be hard to find, and in the wink of an eye, they end up on your kitchen surfaces in numbers unknown, carrying around germs and all else they picked up along the way.

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Problems Ant Removal in Adelaide Addresses

We are very familiar with all the stories of what a nuisance these unwanted visitors can be in any home, especially in the kitchen. Yet, the problems they can cause ripples out far wider than merely being a nuisance, which is why we recommend you call in professional and reliable ant control as soon as you spot them.

  • Even though ants bite and these bites can be somewhat painful and cause some discomfort, ant bites aren’t poisonous. A far greater concern is rather related to hygiene. You have no idea where exactly they live nor what they travelled through to get to your kitchen tops and exposed food. The number of germs on their feet on your surfaces can be a real thriller.
  • Ants can cause damage to your garden. Often you need the guidance of a trained eye to be able to spot their nests. Mostly the only sign of them taking accommodation in your lawn are little heaps of ground brought to the surface. Ants can do substantial damage to your lawn and once they entered your home, they can even cause structural damage.
  • Ants attract other insects to also infest your home. Ants are a food source for other insects and before you know it, you have far more than a mere ant problem to deal with. Rather be safe than sorry and call on our trusted ant infestation eradication to prevent any further headaches.

Benefits of Oz Pest Adelaide

Since 2007, our family business has been saving homes from ant infestations with our reliable ant eradication service.

  • We have extensive experience in getting rid of your ant problem with lasting results.
  • Our team relies only on non-toxic treatments that are entirely harmless to you, your little ones and pets. Not only is our solution far more friendly to the environment, but it is also much more effective.
  • We can ensure you lasting results and give you the peace of mind of a three-month warranty on all ant eradication.
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Fun Facts About Ant Control

  • Australia has the perfect environment for ants to flourish.
  • There are more than 15 000 ant species in the world
  • More than 1 300 of these species live in Australia
  • Although Garden Ants and Black ants aren’t known for carrying diseases, you don’t know what they have been stepping into before they entered your kitchen.

Do you need to get rid of unwelcome guests in your home? Call us and let our team take care of your concern.

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