Pigeon Control & Removal

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This is a excellent way to permanently bar pigeons from nesting under your solar panels. We start by cleaning your panels, gutters and down pipes. Then we install the solar skirting along all sides of the panels.


 We can arrange for a pigeon kill if required. 

Pigeon Control & Removal

There are a number of control methods that can be used with pigeons. This can be used separately but most commonly they tend to be used as a whole solution. Pigeons are very loyal to the roof areas that they roost and nest in. They must be observed and a plan undertaken to exclude and/or remove them.

The first step is to clean the area as pigeon droppings and a very bad health risk. We wear full protective clothing when this task is undertaken and take no risks. Areas that is not cleaned is deemed very attractive to other pigeons in the area. In short after your pigeons are gone another group will move in as the mess made on your roof will indicate to them that this is a great place to roost and nest.

Exclusion: This is where bird spikes & netting is set up in order to stop birds roosting in and around roof areas. This can be a very costly to install and the installer needs to get it right, If there are any gaps the pigeons will find it.

Trapping: This is a program where the bird trap is set up with the one way doors held open. The birds are feed over a week and then the doors are reset. The pigeons being use to going in & out of the trap continue to do so but with the door now down they can’t get out. When other pigeons see their mates in the trap they think that maybe they are missing out on something and go in as well. A case of the stomach being bigger than the brain.  Not long after you can get a full trap off birds. The trap must be checked every day and this drives up the costs. Any non target birds are released. This method is very effective and will remove very large populations.

Shooting: Shooting may sound like the last resort but in many cases it can be highly effective and completed safely. Shooting is carried out using air rifles and is the cheapest option in removal of pigeons.With whole ares being cleaned out quickly.


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