Introducing HUMM Afterpay No Interest Ever

Introducing HUMM Afterpay. Now you can pay for the BIG THINGS with no interest ever. No fees or unexpected costs.

So how does it work? Say you need a termite treatment and the cost will blow the budget. No worries just download and log into the HUMM Appt on your phone, pad or pc and get pre approval up to $10,000. Select the pay back period of 12, 18 or 24 months. You will then get a pre-approval code. We can even show you a quote to see it all before you commit. Pay at least a 20% deposit or more and when the job is completed then provide the code to us.

HUMM will then take out the monthly payments over the time you selected. Now remember there is no interest or extra fees. Just simply pay the amount quoted by us.




So now the BIG THINGS are now Little Things, and you can get on with life.


Theres a great report from channel 7 on  HUMM Afterpay

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