We all want to ensure our home or property is free from pests but for many of us, using eco-friendly pest control in our Adelaide homes or properties is top of mind as well. If you’ve been looking for an environmentally friendly and aware pest control solution in Adelaide, there are plenty of effective ways to protect your family while at the same time ensure pests are kept at bay without the need for nasty chemicals.

Your pest controller should have all the necessary licenses and experience to carry out a pest control service that offers the highest level of protection while at the same time keeps the creepy crawlies at bay.

But what should you be looking for when you are searching for the perfect pest controller for your property? Should you be looking for a locally owned an operated service that is award winning? Or should you search for a company that has the most amount of experience in eco-friendly pest control? The simple answer is both!

When you are searching for a pest controller that offers eco friendly pest control services you should search for a provider that understands how to carry out a complete range of pest control services including home inspections, controlling mice and rats, termites, cockroaches, ants, bags, spiders, bees and more. Your pest controller should understand the local Adelaide environment and how to ensure that you are provided with the highest level of pest-free protection so you and your family can enjoy a pest-free home.

Does your Adelaide pest control have a proper license?

Like many industries, pest control has rogue operators and you should be aware that only a trained and licensed pest controller should service your home or commercial property. Ensuring your Adelaide pest controller has adequate training and licences will allow you to get the safe and consistent service you need without the worry of using an operator that isn’t adequately trained.

Oz Pest Adelaide has all the essential experience and licences to service pest control across Adelaide including a full licence for fumigation and pest control treatments and insurance up to 10 million dollars. All of the team are fully documented for OH&S for your peace of mind.

All pest controllers should be fully licensed before you allow them to step foot inside your domestic or commercial property – this ensures only the highest quality of workmanship and the assurance that the best solution for pest control has been administered on your precious property.

Always ask your pest controller if they have a licence and be sure to view this, so you have a better understanding that you are getting a quality solution for your property at all times.

Will my pest controller apply eco friendly chemicals?

These days, we all want to ensure the chemicals in our home and commercial property are kept to a minimum to ensure the safety of people living or working in the environment – and pest control is no different.

Pest control chemicals traditionally can be very harsh and ensuring your pest controller is using natural and environmentally friendly solutions is essential if you are living and breathing in your property – as strong chemicals can harm your health and cause concerns in the long term.

While the key of pest control is to keep pests at bay, this can be done using eco friendly solutions without the need for strong and dangerous chemicals that can be an issue for young children, pets and individuals with health concerns.

Oz Pest Adelaide use only natural and safe solutions that are treat your property with the utmost care. We’re focused on offering a safe pest control service to customers across Adelaide and surrounds and use the latest equipment.

Our termite detection equipment is cutting edge, and we use thermal detection cameras and Termatrac T3i equipment, which allows our team to detect and treat termites and keep them away from your precious property.

What sort of warranty will I get with my pest control service?

Our termite pest control solutions offer an 8-year warranty for Termidor chemical termite treatment that gives customers the confidence that their property is protected from the elements and from the threat of termites.

When we use our eco friendly pest control sprays on pests around your home or commercial property including spiders, cockroaches, ants and millipedes we provide a 6-month guarantee that pests won’t return.

We stand by our friendly and quality pest control service across Adelaide – and provide a friendly and personalised service that our customers have enjoyed for over 12 years.

As professional and licenced pest controllers in Adelaide, we stand by our dedication to quality pest control services that are environmentally friendly and offer a complete solution for your pest control needs.

We treat your home, office or commercial property as our own and always go the extra mile to ensure the best service that you can rely on for controlling ants, spiders, cockroaches, termites, rats and more.

As local business owners, we understand that our customer’s demand the best service and go above and beyond to offer a leading service that Adelaide residents rely on year after year.

Need an eco friendly pest control specialist for your home or commercial property? Call Oz Pest Adelaide

Servicing your pest control needs eco friendly pest control spray is simple when you engage licenced and experienced experts in pest control. Using a dedicated and experienced solution takes the worry out of pest control and provides the assurance that your home, office or commercial property is getting the pest control coverage you need to keep the pests away.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional solution for eco friendly pest control in Adelaide look no further than Oz Pest Adelaide – the professional team service all of Adelaide and go the extra mile to ensure your property is treated properly.

We offer a transparent pest control solution and always educate our customers of the benefits of an eco friendly pest control spray for you, your family and the inhabitants of your property.

Ready to experience the Oz Pest Adelaide difference? Get in touch today and ask for a quote for your eco friendly pest control spray for pests’ and/ or termites.