So you are reading my latest blog on ECO friendly or Green pest control and how this fits into what we do and how this impacts you the customer.

Whenshould your local pest tech look at using ECO pest control? The short answer is that they should always be looking at being ECO friendly as much as possible and only resort to other methods when required. Sadly we live in what I call the Macca’s factor. That is the customer is expecting a instant fix when handing over their money. Most ECO pest control is about using a number of approaches to remove the problem and at times this approach will take place over days or weeks.

Whatdoes this mean to both you and me? It’s a good question and it’s important to understand the outcomes and how it effects the both of us and our environment. It’s no good to put in place a treatment but still have a number of factors that are reintroducing the problem. An example is with a cockroach treatment where non toxic bait is used but the dishes never get washed and just sit in the sink all day (or more), Mr cockroach is going to be gunning for the dirty dishes every time because that’s been their behaviour up until the day the treatment starts. So the end result will be that the bait will not be touched and be ineffective. So educating the house hold to wash up and hello the cockroach problem goes away. Really simple but you will be surprised how often I need to address this.

Why should we use ECO pest control? At times chemicals may be ruled out straight away. The customer may be pregnant or these are young children in the house or they don’t want chemicals used at all. The great news is there are some great ECO alternatives. For pantry moths it may be as simple as keeping the rice and spices in sealable plastic container and installing non toxic moth traps that will attract the flying moths into them and over time that will be caught. It’s not instant but it is very low risk and we haven’t used a drop of chemical.

Who is responsible? A good pest tech who is carrying out the treatment will also advise what you can do to help. This may range from removing any storage thats beside your home and relocate it away somewhere else as bugs, spiders, esp red backs, and rats/mice all love hiding in these places. Or it can be all about how food is stored inside the home and being hygienic.

How should we introduce ECO friendly pest control? Before mandating takes place your pest tech will inspect your home, ask you questions and discuss with you the solutions. These may be ECO, chemical or both. Getting customer buy in is always very high on my list and I also see the customer as a partner to and treatment that I do. Sometimes it may well be a very easy fix, such as blocking up a hole in the side of your home to prevent rats getting in. Other times is may be live trapping rats and mice. Natural sprays can be used to flush out bugs, spiders and ants. It should be noted that they don’t last as long.